Magic spells

Traditional Healing Spells

Magic spells by magic spell caster. magic spells for love, magic spells for money, magic spells for health, magic spells for protection & magic spells for success.

I use my supernatural magic spells to influence the course of events in your life in a positive way.

My ability to communicate with deities & ancestral forces enables me to tap into the universal left hand & right hand forces to help you find your path

The power of the ritual is in the forces that are called through the communication. There are various rituals for cleansing to remove negative & evil forces and rituals to reverse curses and spells against you.

I have deep knowledge of different pagan magic traditions which enable me to cast witchcraft magic spells, wicca magic spells, traditional magic spells, candle magic spells, voodoo magic spells & wiccan magic spells

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Magic rituals

Magical rituals are the precisely defined actions, magic tools & related words used to work magic in healing or to cause a specific action. I have ancient magic rituals for love to help you with love problems, magic rituals for money to help you with money problems and magic rituals for health to help you with health problems.

Magic rituals also play a critical role in psychic healing & divination where the healer is possessed by ancestral spirits that communicate information about a particular series of evens in the past of future

Magic tools

Magic tools play an important part in the magic as means of communicating and expressing intent & purpose to the powers & forces beyond in rituals. Each of magic tool has different uses and energy associations, and meanings. Magic tool directs psychic energies to perform a certain action each magic tool can only be used by one person as it carries the owner's spiritual vibrations.

When a spell caster or worker of magic is initiated they have to purchase their unique set of tools. Magic tools are then consecrated and linked to the owner & will, in time, pick up the energies of the person who uses them. The main tools of a wiccan or healer are the paten, sword, wand and chalice, each of which represents one of the four elements of earth, air, fire and water.

What is magic

Magic is the ability to use supernatural forces or powers to alter real world events. Magic is a pagan religion practised in many cultures by traditional healers, witches, wiccans, sorcery, sangoma's and healers. The belief &d the practice of magic has been present since the earliest human cultures and continues to have an important religious and medicinal role in many cultures today.

Opinions vary as to the differences between black and white magic, ranging from the idea that they are two names for exactly the same thing, to the belief that they are completely different, especially in goals and intent. Magic is a natural human ability, we are all born with this innate ability to make Magick, all it takes is the desire to learn, and practice. Magic is creating change by connecting with the energies of nature.

Magic etymology

From Middle English magik, from Old French magique, reborrowed from Latin magice, borrowed from Ancient Greek μαγική (magikē, “magical”) (τέχνη (tekhnē, “art”)), derived from μάγος (magos), from magos, magus, sorcerer, of Iranian origin; akin to Old Persian 𐎶𐎦𐎢𐏁 (maguš, “sorcerer”).

Displaced native Middle English dweomercraft (“magic, magic arts”) (from Old English dwimor (“phantom, illusion”) + cræft (“art”)), Old English galdorcræft (“magic, enchantment”), Old English drȳcræft (“magic, sorcery”).

Late 14c., from Old French magique, from Latin magicus "magic, magical," from Greek magikos, from magike (see magic (n.)). Likewise, sorcery was taken in ca. 1300 from Old French sorcerie, which is from Vulgar Latin *sortiarius, from sors "fate", apparently meaning "one who influences fate".

Gray magic spells

Gray magic spells to remove confusion & gray magic spells to neutralize evil and negative forces in your life. Gray is a powerful neutral color that is use in spells of magic to neutralize any force, energy or spirit

Grey magic negates or neutralizes a negative influence based on the root chakra this is powerful magic known by a few spell casters & healers in the world. Gray magic spells for money, gray magic spells for love, gray magic spells for gambling, gray magic spells for wealth, success, a job or to get power

Brown magic spells

Brown magic to invoke animistic deities, brown magic spells for marriage and family problems. Powerful brown magic from the root chakra 7 the diety Osiris to stabilize and unify your family

We also have brown candle spells that are burned in combination with other candles spells to invoke animals. If there are generational curses and hexes in your family I can use brown magic spells to remove them so that there can be peace in your life

Yellow magic spells

Yellow magic spells to give you confidence and eloquence. If you do a lot of public speaking and you want to captivate your audience then use yellow magic spells. Representing the element of air, yellow candles are recommended for spells which are intended to heighten visualization abilities. Yellow is also the color of intelligence, confidence, and eloquence.

YELLOW is the color of the workings of the conscious, intellectual mind. It aids in logical, linear, analytical thinking processes such as for enhancing memory, writing, speaking eloquently and studying. Yellow used negatively, such as a murky yellow-brown destroys the will and provokes fears.

Red magic spells

From the deities of fire comes red magic spells to increase the strength of a relationship or defend against evil spirits. Protect your family and business with red magic spells to counteract curses and hexes spells against you from your enemies

Red magic love spells to energize the love energy between two people for a passionate and sensual relationship. Powerful red magic lost love spells, red magic binding spells & red magic love attraction spells will cause your ex lover to come back to you permanently for a stable relationship that will last

Purple Magic spells

Purple Magic spells are used to bring in personal success, draw in allies, receive a favourable verdict in court, magnify ruler ship, force others to behave as desired, enhance control, attract helpful spirits or demons, or increase will power.

Purple magic spells deal with controlling, commanding, compelling, or bending others to one's will. The color purple is a mixture of 2 colors (blue and red) as such purple magic spells help to enhance your psychic powers and spirituality. Purple magic spells due to their relation with royalty they are able to provide a person with riches

Orange magic spells

Orange magic spells to attract positive energy into any area of your life & banish all negative and bad energy from your life. Orange magic spells derive their power from the sun deities and the element of fire from the 4 elements.

If you need strength in your life call upon the orange magic spells the color of strength the the naval chakra, Horus, Ra, Sekmet the solar deities for power. Regenerate your body, find healing and unblock your spiritual faculties with orange magic spells

Green Magic spells

Green Magic spells are used to bring in cash, draw in money and receive a job offer or promotion. Powerful green magic spells to bring back money owed, magnify gambling wins, enhance good luck, attract business partners and customers, or increase prosperity.

Green magic spells deal with money, gambling, business success, or wealth. Green is the color of the Heart Chakra from diety Osiris a combination of blue & yellow , our green magic spells will heal, remove all negativity and enable your dreams to become a reality.